2019 Minimum Wage Increases by State

In January 9, 2019

Minimum wage is like the sun – it just keeps rising. Many cities, counties and states are yet again increasing the minimum wage. To better prepare you for 2019, below is a list of the states that will increase their minimum wage. Of course, we recommend that you check with your local jurisdiction before making any changes to your books because your city may follow different standards.

Twenty one states currently adhere to the federal minimum wage standard of $7.25 per hour. But if a city, county or state has set higher minimum wage standard, employers are required to pay their workers at the higher rate.

State Minimum Wage Increases

Before reading the list, keep in mind that some cities and counties have a different minimum wage than their state. Also know that employees who are not protected by FLSA are exempt from minimum wage. Also know that some of the following increases are not effective until mid-2019. Check with your local government to determine what applies to your employees.

  • Alaska: $9.98
  • Arizona: $11.00
  • Arkansas: $9.25
  • California: $12.00 (This rate applies to employers with 26 or more employees. The minimum wage for less workers is $11.00 per hour.)
  • Colorado: $11.10
  • Delaware: $8.75 (increases to $9.25 on October 1, 2019)
  • District of Columbia: $14.00
  • Florida: $8.46
  • Maine: $11.00
  • Massachusetts: $12.00
  • Minnesota: $9.86 (This is the rate for large employers. The rate for small employers is $8.04.)
  • Missouri: $8.60
  • Montana: $8.50
  • New Jersey: $8.85
  • New York: $11.10 (This is the rate for the majority of employers in New York. In New York City, the rate will be $15 for large employers and $13.50 for small.)
  • Ohio: $8.55
  • Rhode Island: $10.50
  • South Dakota: $9.10
  • Vermont: $10.78
  • Washington: $12.00

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