3 Questions You Should Include in Your Employee Engagement Survey

In August 17, 2018

What they are and questions to ask.

An employee engagement survey is issued to measure several factors that are part of employee retention and performance. Many organizations conduct these surveys on an annual basis, while some issue them bi-annually or even quarterly. The results of these surveys are typically used to drive change and make improvements to the culture of organizations. These surveys usually consist of around 50 questions, organized into themes, typically consisting of questions focused on employee satisfaction, their job, their supervisor and how they feel about the company’s organization overall. Here is a sample template to look through.

When creating an employee engagement survey, start with anchor questions. These are designed to measure the level of engagement an employee feels he has in his work. Look for results from several anchor questions to determine overall company engagement levels.  Below are 3 essential anchor questions that should be on your next (or first) employee engagement survey.

“It is easy to be consumed with or absorbed in my job. Yes or no?”

This is an excellent anchor question as it can indicate how involved a worker feels in his work. Does he get lost in his work and time flies by? Are his duties fulfilling or interesting to him?

“Would you recommend your company as a great place to work?”

This question helps to evaluate how committed an employee feels towards his company. It can shed light on whether or not an employee feels a sense of pride working at your company.

”Do you feel that your job is entertaining and stimulating?”

Most people feel that something challenging and exciting is appealing to them. If a person’s job is exciting and stimulates them, he is likely a strong contributor to engagement. If he feels is work is monotonous, disengagement is a risk.


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