3 Ways to Develop Employee Success

In January 2, 2019

You probably already take time to invest in hiring and training new and highly qualified talent, but do you also take time to encourage their continued professional development? Sometimes valuable employees leave if they feel unsatisfied or stuck in their role and replacing them can cost you more time and resources than holding onto the employees you already have. Strive to keep your employees happy and engaged with these three tips to successfully develop your employees.

Give Frequent Feedback

Performance management should be offered in order to encourage incremental improvement but frequent feedback is not helpful if a work culture generates anxiety. If your employees are stressed out, they may not make the most of feedback. Rather than looking at feedback and performance reviews as employee evaluations, consider them to be development opportunities instead. Offer more frequent feedback, which can help to make annual reviews more meaningful or even unnecessary. Sometimes employees dread year-end reviews but look forward to other developmental discussions.

Set Regular Goals

Set achievable goals that are relevant to your company’s needs. Consider having employee evaluations on a quarterly basis rather than an annual one, which can make the process easier and more measurable for both you and your employees. Staff members will also feel more confident in their successes and contributions to your company. Plus businesses move quickly and you should update quarterly goals on a regular basis to match your current business.

Reward Good Work

Reward your employees’ good work as soon as you can – or at least on a more regular basis. Don’t wait until Christmas time to give bonuses or positive feedback. Employee encouragement goes a long way. Companies with more formal engagement programs experience a higher increase in revenue annually.

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