3 Ways to Engage Gen Z in the Workplace

In August 21, 2019
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The workforce of this age is comprised of as many as five generations. Each comes with their own levels of engagement and demands. The latest generation to hit the workforce is Gen Z, which entails about 60-million people who don’t remember much of anything about the time before technology and social media. By 2020, Gen Z will make up nearly 30 percent of the workforce. 

Companies should be more innovative than ever in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of Gen Z with effective communication while attracting, engaging and retaining them. Here are three ways to engage Gen Z in the work field.

Reward Efforts and Value Go a Long Way

Gen Z grew up during some of the most trying times in the 21st century, despite the fact that many believe this group holds experience and exposure over raises and compensation. Pay and terms of employment remain the biggest motivators for Gen Z. Emphasize the importance of financial reward and offer development opportunities and career advancement in order to engage this crowd.

Embrace New Tech

Generation Z is the most technical generation group of people to enter the workforce. Nearly 65 percent of them will work in roles that don’t even yet exist, which is largely due to the rapid pace at which new technologies are developing. Embrace new technology to meet the needs of this new digital generation.

Review Flexibility Within Your Workplace

People of Gen Z are looking for careers with more opportunity and freedom to work anywhere anytime, unlike the Millennial predecessors before them, who sought out workplaces with a sense of organizational identity and a defined corporate culture. Gen Z wants a healthy work-life balance, meaning individuals may turn down jobs that require them to work in an office full time. To engage this new group of prospects, re-evaluate your ability to offer remote options – even if only part time.

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