3 Ways to get Millennial Employees to Engage in Employee Benefits

In May 23, 2019

Today’s younger generation of employees often have a sense of invincibility, which can adversely influence decisions they make regarding employee benefits. It may be difficult as an employer to communicate that employee benefits offer important support. By raising scenarios with Millennial and Generation Z employees, employers may be able to guide them towards engaging in benefits that can help them when the unexpected happens. Below are some of these scenarios you can talk through.

1. If you received a diagnosis of a serious illness, would a second opinion be important to you?

When it comes to illness, one needs more than just information that can be found with queries about health online. Many horror stories and misinformation exist on the internet. It is important to have access to qualified medical professionals who can offer accurate medical information as well as second opinions on diagnoses and methods of treatment.

2. How would you deal with a bereavement of a loved one?

It is hard to think about but important – if someone you love is taken by surprise, it can be extremely hard. This is especially true for young adults who live away from home as they start their new lives in the workforce. Having access to independent support that comes with employee benefits can be helpful in aiding them to come to terms with with the losses they face.

3. If you were severely injured or debilitated, would you be able to get by when you leave a medical facility?

When you leave a hospital, you are not necessarily healed completely. And in some cases, additional help is required still – but young employees can’t rely on friends like they could their parents back home. Having the security of the option to secure extra emotional and practical support those first few days or weeks at home is helpful.

These benefits among many others are reason enough for employees to engage in benefits offered to them through your workplace.

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