4 Aspects of an Ideal Workplace: Part 1

In August 28, 2019
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Draw in new hires and make your existing staff as happy as can be with these tips.

Today’s job market is thriving, with unemployment being at its lowest level in 49 years, according to the Wall Street Journal! Job seekers are faced with more options than they have likely experienced ever before. Considering this, how can you draw in more candidates to your business? Below are the top things that can make your company more attractive to prospective employees as well as drive employee engagement!

Competitive Pay

Competitive pay has always gone a long way with employees. But many small businesses offer compensation based on what they think a role is worth instead of the actual going rate. Do your research to ensure your position is paying a competitive wage.

Benefits Packages

Benefits are hardly considered to be a perk to employees anymore – they are more of a necessity. Offering a solid benefits package for potential hires could be the difference between you and another company they are considering. A good benefits package typically includes items such as health insurance, commuting reimbursement, a 401(k) plan, and discounted cell phone plans.

Work/Life Balance Encouragement

Employees spend a lot of time at work – 1/3 of their lives on average. Many are concerned about their work/life balance and almost as much as their pay. Keep in mind that new prospects are more likely to be interested if you take their personal lives into account as well as their work life (this also applies to keeping your current staff happy). Whether your employee is a single parent or their commute adds on an hour-plus every day and it drains their family time, be willing to offer flexibility or work from home benefits to make your business more attractive.

Offer Creative Incentives

Workplace perks like a gym in your office or a vegan cafeteria may be beyond your ability of incentives to offer your employees but you can do some small things to keep them happy. Consider bringing in a catered team one day a month or offer apple watches or coupons for local fitness centers to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Small things like this can show your employees you appreciate their efforts and make them thankful they have joined your team. 

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