4 Reasons for Employee Turnover and 3 Ways to Combat It

In June 26, 2019

Some businesses have higher employee turnover rates. If it feels like your company has a hard time holding onto top talent, you may need to stop and ask yourself why.

These are the top reasons employees quit a job:

  • Poor management from supervisors
  • Lack of career advancement opportunity
  • Lack of organizational fit
  • Lack of support, training or other resources that equip employees to do their jobs well

The above problems can be addressed by improving certain practices within your business, including hiring, onboarding and management.


Employees often leave because they are not a good fit for an organization. This is why it is important that you hire people who line up with your company culture, values and mission. It is also important that employees have the necessary skills to do their jobs but it is very important that you ensure they are the right fit for your brand from the get go.


Employees who undergo a structured onboarding process are 58 percent more likely to stick around for three or more years. This is because an onboarding program that has been well designed increases employee engagement while enabling new staff members to feel like part of the team.

Put effort and time into onboarding to display your company’s interest in your employees. Showing gratitude goes a long way, as does checking in on employees and striving to make them feel like they are making an impact on the company.

Onboarding also reassures team members that they are properly equipped with necessary training and resources to be successful within a company.


A large number of workers quit their jobs is due to a lack of proper management. Combat this by prioritizing supervisory relationships within your company. Managers need to strive to treat all workers with respect, no matter their role in the company. Managers should also share information with workers when possible and seek to build trust with staff.

When workers feel respected as individuals as well as skilled professionals, they are more likely to remain engaged and satisfied with their jobs.

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