4 Reasons Paper HR Systems are Less than Ideal

In May 29, 2019
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Many small business owners who have done their HR processes on paper since the get-go may find it to be unnecessary to switch to digital HR systems. It may seem to work well for them but they may actually be adding unnecessary stress by using outdated practices. Below are a few reasons why using paper HR systems may not be doing your business any justice.

Information can be Misplaced or Disorganized

Paper copies of documents can easily be lost in filing cabinets or filed in the wrong folder – or worse. Important documents can also be thrown out by accident. Any of these administrative errors can make it difficult to comply with laws and to protect an organization in the event that any accusations are made against them pertaining to discrimination. It can also make it harder to remain consistent with internal policies, which can lead to frustration among employees.

Handwriting can be Hard to Read

Each person’s handwriting is different, which can be a real problem when it is time to read what a paper record says. This is especially troublesome because not everybody stays at a job, so when it comes time to try to read what someone wrote but they are no longer around to clarify, interpretation problems are a risk.

Scheduling may be Difficult

Relying on paper for keeping track of time off requests and making schedules by hand week on end is a recipe for disaster. Eventually someone is going to write time off requests illegibly or a request will be misplaced. Problems with time off requests may cause anxiety among employees and potentially lead to staffing issues. A digital system keeps requests organized once submitted.

Lawsuit Risks

If you keep important documents such as performance reviews, disciplinary actions or applications on paper, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable place where lawsuits are concerned. Handwritten copies of this type of documentation may be missing information that is critical if taken to court.

Digital HR systems are the best solution to inefficient paper HR systems.

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