4 Things that Make Up an Ideal Workplace: Part 2

In September 4, 2019
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An ideal workplace is an environment that is nice for employees to work in as well as successful from a business angle. It is also smart enough to stay ahead of the competition. We have previously shared some of the top things that can make your company attractive to prospective candidates as well as drive current employee engagement. But that list isn’t complete so here are four more things that make up an ideal workplace! 

Offer Employees Professional Development Opportunity

Nobody takes a job at entry-level with the hope that they will remain working at that same base level for the entirety of their career. Offering your employees roads to travel toward upward mobility communicates your care for their success and professional development. Employees typically value knowing that the company they work for is committed to their growth and success. Businesses benefit, as a result, from the skills and education received by these employees that they, in turn, bring to the business. Research professional development options/courses that you can offer your team to teach them skills that will benefit them individually and will also propel your business further.

Fair Pay & Fun Perks

Both of these are important but work best when utilized in tandem. There are plenty of sites out there that have good data on what certain positions are paid and you can bet that your employees have already checked them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that great perks can make up for unfair wages. Perks should be just that – fun additions that make the job that much better. But, if your employees are worried about paying rent or are unable to save because they must live paycheck to paycheck, no amount of perks will help with that amount of stress. However, useful perks can catch the eye of talented employees, especially when paired with competitive wages and that’s always a good thing.

Value Employee Input

The people who offer the most valuable insight on a company are those who work within it themselves. Employee engagement surveys are a good way to obtain feedback on details about your company that you may not see as a manager or owner. Keep in mind, however, that employee feedback is only of use to your business if you react and adjust accordingly.

Recognize Employee Success

Employee recognition is very important. Most employees want to know that the effort they put into your company is valuable – especially if they have gone above and beyond. Offer incentive programs that inspire workers to outperform. By offering these programs, you can also better draw in prospective workers. Consider offering a points program that employees can exchange for cash prizes!

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