4 Ways You May Be Driving Out Your Best Employees

In July 27, 2018

Avoid these mistakes that could send your best employees out of the door.

Holding on to good employees is tough. When problems arise within a company, the best employees are typically the first to go because they have more options. But there are some easily avoidable mistakes that may help you to hold on to your best employees. In order to retain your top talent, here are a few tips to follow to help you hold on to good employees.

You Do Not Necessarily Have to Treat Everyone Equally This tactic works well with school children but not always in the workplace. Be careful how “equally” you treat your workers. Treating your employees all the same no matter their performance will show your top performers that they are worth little more to you than the lazy guy in the back who does little more than clock in.

Do Not Make Stupid Rules Rules are a way of life and companies must have them – that is a given. But be mindful when creating your rules. Avoid having unnecessary rules because they will send your workers fleeing.

Do Not Fail to Recognize Accomplishments Don’t underestimate the power that comes along with recognition – even with your hardest workers who are motivated intrinsically. Everyone likes a pat on the back. An employee who feels unrecognized or not valued will search for another place to work. Look for ways to communicate with your employees to find what really speaks to them in terms of positive reinforcement, then recognize them for their job well done.

Do Not Tolerate Poor Performance No matter how great your team is, it is only as good as the worst performer. If you permit poor performance from weak links, it will drag the whole team down, including your top talent.

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