5 Benefits of a Remote Workforce

In June 5, 2019

There has been debate about the topic of remote employees among employers. Some employers are concerned about challenges in team management where remote workers are concerned, including productivity tracking and developing a unified company culture. But happy employees often work harder and are more loyal and 87 percent of employees agree that flexibility is a driving factor in their work satisfaction. Below are some benefits of allowing your tem to work remotely even part time.

Higher Productivity

One study showed that employees who worked from home were actually more productive than their in-house counterparts. Remote employees were found to take less sick days and time off as well as shorter breaks.

Reduce Unscheduled Time Off

Did you know that 78 percent of employees who call in sick are actually not sick? Other factors often play into their absence, ranging from stress or family issues to other personal needs. Employees who work remotely are more likely to keep clocking time when sick and they can schedule errands and appointments more easily with their more flexible work schedule.

Access to an Increased Talent Pool

By opening your workforce to remote employees, you can recruit workers from a larger talent pool, enabling you to find the best skill set and talent for your team, regardless of their location.

Furthermore, hiring remote employees (even part time) increases retention. Losing top talent can cost an employer thousands, including the cost of recruiting and training new hires.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Regardless of the level of talent your workers have, if they are not satisfied with the work environment in which they work, they will not give their all. Employees who work from home – even just part time – are more satisfied with their jobs overall.

Less Overhead

Finally, another great benefit of a remote workforce is the savings it offers when it comes to overhead costs, including renting office space for more employees.

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