5 Reasons Why Fingerprint Time Clocks are the Best Solution for Accurate Timekeeping

In November 18, 2019
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Keep labor costs within budget by eliminating human error.

Human error mistakes cost companies money each year. Addressing the problem can be as easy as updating the way you track employee time on the clock. If your old system isn’t working, it’s time to update it to a fingerprint time clock. Rather than enter a pin or swipe a badge, your employees use their fingerprint to clock in and clock out. It’s something that takes minutes to set up and saves you time and money tracking employee hours.

What Makes Fingerprint Time Clocks Ideal?

Many things make fingerprint time clocks ideal. To better understand their usefulness, we’ve included a few important details about them. Learning what makes them work well for businesses of all sizes helps you identify vital functions that would benefit your operations.

Five reasons why fingerprint time clocks are the best solution for accurate timekeeping include:

  1. An employee must be present to place their fingerprint on the machine to clock in and out for their shifts. You aren’t asking co-workers to enter their PIN or swipe their badge. Fewer instances of time theft occur because there isn’t a way ‘to cheat’ the system.
  2. Special manager functions exist that allow you or an appointed person permission to access the clock. Entering and removing employees from the system must be done by someone with the authority to do so. There’s no way for someone whose fingerprint has been removed from the time clock to log time.
  3. Overhead costs are lower. Traditional punch time clocks cost money because you must replenish supplies regularly. With a fingerprint time clock, everything is electronic, which means there are no additional costs required outside of the price for the machine and routine maintenance to keep it working optimally.
  4. They take minutes to set up. There isn’t a lot of time investment on your behalf because our company handles the work for you. Our systems are user-friendly and take very little time to make operational.
  5. There are many things employees can do from the time clock, such as check their last entered time. Self-service options prevent you from doing extra work to fulfill staff requests. They can retrieve some of the information that they need from the clock and answer their own questions without involving you.

The benefits are far more extensive than what we listed here. The investment you make buying a fingerprint time clock returns to you quickly. Gone are the days of incorrect time punches and payroll errors in your employees’ favor. Instead, you have a better way to keep labor costs lower and your staff accountable by managing their time efficiently.

Keep Better Control of Your Employee’s Time Records with Precise Payroll

Precise Payroll offers time tracking solutions to meet your needs. Fingerprint time clocks are just one option. There are many others for your consideration, including PINs, badge swipes, proximity cards, hand geometry biometrics, key fobs, over the telephone, web browser, or mobile application. Contacting Precise Payroll with your request helps us pair you with the right solution to meet your needs.

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