5 Services Besides Payroll Processing That Your Business Needs

In December 10, 2019
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Get the most bang for your buck by taking advantage of everything Precise Payroll has to offer you.

Payroll processing is a big part of what we do, but it isn’t everything! We offer businesses of all sizes a wide range of services to help them with their day-to-day operations so they can save time and money while maintaining accurate accounts of spending, paid time off, and even employee drug test results.

To better illustrate what we’re capable of helping you with, we’ve listed some of our most sought-after services with a short description of why they matter. You’ll then be able to see how each applies to your company.

Five services besides payroll processing that your business needs:

  • Check Signing & Stuffing. If you have a lot of people to pay, it could take an extreme amount of time to sign checks and stuff them into envelopes. Rather than hire someone to do the job for you within your company, it’s something we can do for you with great ease.
  • Direct Deposit. We take care of setting up employee direct deposit of funds, so you don’t need to. Keeping track of all the different banks and bank accounts is one less thing you need to think about.
  • “Paperless” Payrolls. An environmentally-friendly option that people appreciate, going paperless saves you time and money. It’s also really easy for employees to obtain copies of their pay stubs digitally.
  • Tax Filing. Keeping track of how much you paid each employee can be very time-consuming. If we’re already doing payroll for you, we have access to this information and can file it on your behalf.
  • 401K Calculations & Reports. Employees eligible for 401K accounts can gain access to their accrued sums of money through a report that we generate for them. It’s one less thing you get tasked with doing.

Precise Payroll offers you the most value for the least amount of money. Rather than go broke paying a payroll processor who is only out to take your cash, why not give us a try? We offer more services than most companies in the industry. Instead of outsourcing the work to several different service providers, go with us. We have your best interests in mind by offering you the most affordable options to meet your needs.

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