5 Things to Do to Improve Your HR and Payroll Processes

In June 12, 2019

How have your payroll and HR processes been coming along? Is there room for improvement?  Chances are, there are. Below you will find a few steps you can take to get your HR and payroll processes in better condition.

Create a Plan

Evaluate your processes and review your efforts, determining whether changes need to be made to improve efficiency as well as reduce expenses. Map out some goals you can accomplish in the next quarter.


From new workplace laws to new multistate payroll tax rules, it is important that you ensure you are up to date with best practices and regulations. Add to your expertise by making sure you know what is required regarding state (SUI) and federal (FUTA) unemployment taxes. The rules are complex and vary by state, especially if your company has workers who cross state lines.


Take advantage of current digital tools that enable you to get things done faster with fewer errors. Consider using programs that keep your time and attendance, payroll and HR tools all synced in one place. This will eliminate duplicate data entry while offering you access to reporting methods that can give you greater efficiency.

Hang Posters

To avoid penalties regarding compliance, keep up with the required labor law posters for your state by hanging them somewhere easy to see (and ensuring they are up to date).

Enjoy a Break

Once you have taken the above steps to improve your HR and payroll processes, enjoy a well-deserved break. Fill your mug of java, kick up your feet and allow yourself some space and time to relax. You may be surprised how many creative ideas you come up with during this time!

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