4 Tough HR Decisions Every Company Deals With

In January 6, 2017

Organizations are defined in large by the people representing them. HR departments have the important responsibility of selecting and managing those people. Sometimes, these decisions are easy and straightforward: perhaps an excellent and highly motivated job candidate appears right when one position needs to be filled. Most of the time, however, things are a bit more complicated. Here are four of the toughest challenges that HR departments deal with:

1.Downsizing. Sometimes it’s done as a response to tough times, sometimes it’s simply part of a much-needed campaign for better efficiency. Whatever the case may be, you are going to need an HR Team that is up for the task. Evaluating employee performance, breaking the news, juggling legal issues, and keeping up the morale of remaining employees all present challenges that must be handled wisely from the get go.

2. Firing. Perhaps the only task more difficult than cutting unneeded employees? Cutting unproductive employees. Matters must be handled (and documented) very carefully in order to prevent any potential lawsuit, and to ensure that your company’s transition to working without this person goes as smoothly as possible.

3. Hiring. Moving on to a more positive (although equally challenging) note: hiring. The evidence is clear: when the recruiting, interviewing, background testing, and onboarding process is done according to time-tested procedures, companies benefit.

4. Managing employee relations. HR is oftentimes called in to arbitrate disagreements between employees. Such disputes can be horizontal (between employees of equal stature in the organization) or vertical (between superiors and the people they lead) and the number one rule HR follows: every case is different. Finding a solution that leaves both parties content is never easy, but when this can be accomplished, it tends to foster a new sense of unity and productivity from both parties.

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