5 Ways Outsourcing and Automation Can Improve Your Business

In April 12, 2018

Are You Prepared to Compete in the 21st Century?

Efficiency and specialization are the names of the game in the 21st-century economy, and outsourcing and automation are two of the biggest driving forces behind this revolution. Is your company taking advantage of its biggest opportunities for improvement? Here are 5 outsourcing and automation methods most organizations could be benefiting from.

1. Customer support. Offering personal support is crucial — which is precisely why handling simple questions automatically is so smart. Free up time and energy for your customer support team by integrating one of the leading customer service software systems!

2. Payroll. Payroll distribution and taxes depend upon a complex yet consistent set of variables and equations — which makes it a perfect candidate for automation. The only reason to avoid using payroll software solutions? If you opt to work with an HR firm, payroll is often included in the services. Which brings us to our next point…

3. Human resources. Regardless of what industry you work in or what goals your company has, virtually every organization is subjected to the same group of HR laws depending upon their size. This consistency makes outsourcing HR an extremely efficient investment. From hiring and background checks to workers comp and even employee handbooks, there are a lot of technical and time-consuming tasks that an HR firm like Precise Payroll could do for you.

4. Social media marketing. Social media is highly personal and clearly requires creative human work. However, automation can still help save your marketing team a lot of time by schedule posts, tracking mentions, and analyzing data — tasks that would be quite overwhelming for a single person to complete unaided.

5. Backup and recovery. The reason why this function should be automated will be obvious to anyone who has ever made the mistake of losing important professional data. If you are lucky enough to have no first-hand experience in this regard, we recommend switching to an automated backup and recovery system before you find out!

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