5 Ways to Remain HR Compliant Despite Changing Laws and Policies

In February 17, 2020
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Precise Payroll saves you time, money, and the need for additional staff.

Your Human Resource department has enough to do throughout the week to keep themselves busy. You don’t want to add yet another responsibility to their plate by forcing them to stay on top of federal and state employment laws. Thanks to Precise Payroll, and the relationship you’ve established with us through our payroll processing services, you can free up your HR staff’s time, so they’re better able to assist your employees with questions and concerns about their jobs.

Stay Compliant Without Needing to Hire Additional Staff

Policies and laws change with regularity. Even if you’d prefer to keep things ‘just as they were,’ you can’t, in many cases, because you’ll be in violation. Entrusting a company with experience dealing with such matters frees up your staff to do other human-resource-related work.

Five ways to remain HR compliant despite changing laws and policies include:

  1. Updating employee handbooks to reflect changes. All workers have access to the information to refer to when necessary.
  2. Creating a policy library accessible by all employees. It’s another resource that allows your workers to familiarize themselves with new policies.
  3. Developing documents that acknowledge and accept new rules and regulations. The terms and conditions regarding willful employment are accessible and presentable thanks to our service.
  4. Writing out new job descriptions as responsibilities change. No one will question what they should or shouldn’t do as part of the role they play in the company.
  5. Getting employee acknowledgment of all implemented changes. Ensuring that everyone agrees to the laws and policies presented to them by having a signed document to keep on file for legal reasons.

There are many Human Resources matters that Precise Payroll can assist your business with today. Let us know which you’d like to outsource to us. Doing so eliminates the need for you to hire another employee to assist your HR department and pay them a salary with benefits.

We’re More Than Just a Payroll Processor 

Remain HR compliant, no matter how often laws and policies change. We help you stay on top of updates to your employee handbook, job descriptions, and written policies. That way, your workers are well aware of what you expect from them and the laws created to protect them on the job.

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