Accurate Timekeeping Solutions While Your Employees Work from Home

In April 16, 2020
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Eliminate costly errors while everyone shelters in place.

Like most American businesses, you likely have your employees working from home. Doing so allows you to protect them from COVID-19 and maintain the day-to-day operations that keep your business afloat. Rather than be saddled down with the task of dealing with timesheets, why not invest in a timekeeping solution that better accommodates your remote workers? Since they can’t physically clock in at their normal workplace, the next best option is to report their time online, through an app or by phone.

What to Do When Your Employees Can’t Use a Physical Timeclock to Track Time

Precise Payroll offers viable timekeeping solutions to meet your needs. We’re both a payroll processor and a business service provider. You may use key fobs, ID badges, or even fingerprint recognition for keeping time in your workplace typically. 

Now that you’ve required your employees to work from home, you need a solution that is convenient and accessible for all. We have multiple options that we’d be willing to discuss with you. Let us know how many employees you have and what your budget is like so we can better assist you.

Put Your Employees in Charge of Reporting the Time They’ve Worked

Stop spending money on ineffective timekeeping solutions. While your employees work from home, you need a solution that benefits your company as a whole. Having access to a website, app, or telephone number to call to report hours worked prevents you from needing to submit everyone’s timesheets to us. Your workers can be held accountable for reporting their time on the clock to Precise Payroll, so you can focus on other tasks that require your immediate attention. Our solutions can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort on your behalf. In times of financial uncertainty, the services you invest your money in are doubly important because of the value they bring.

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