Can Precise Payroll Accommodate Small and Large Businesses?

In January 27, 2020
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Three divisions exist to help you best meet your needs professionally.

Who benefits from hiring Precise Payroll to do payroll processing for them? Everyone! It doesn’t matter if there is one employee or 10,000. We’re able to accommodate businesses of all sizes through the services we provide.

To better understand how this relates to you, we’ll explain the different classifications we have for the businesses that we serve. That way, you’re well aware of which one your company falls into according to our business model.

Small, Midsized, and Large Businesses Use Us for Payroll

Three divisions exist to accommodate our customers best. They are Small Business Payroll for 1 to 50 Employees, Midsized Business Payroll for 51 to 500 Employees, and Large Business Payroll for More Than 1,000+ Employees. It doesn’t matter what size of operation you run. There is a division for every business owner small and large.

What You Gain from Having Precise Payroll Handle Payroll for You

Hiring us to handle your payroll services for you allows you to save money by not forcing you to hire payroll personnel that you must provide hours to, a salary for, and a benefits package to utilize. It also allows you to keep better records and even direct your employees to fax, call, or email their timesheets to us if less than 50 people are working for you.

Think about how much time you’ll save by outsourcing the work to us. You don’t need to keep payroll people on your payroll because you’ll have access to our service. You can also add other services to make your business stronger. We provide drug testing, employee background checks, and worker’s compensation support, too.

You’ve got plenty of incentives to use our services. Your business, no matter how small or large it may be, can benefit from the outsourcing of your payroll. Speak to us today about your unique needs so we can come up with a package of services that best benefit you as a company.

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