Florida Labor Law Posters

In October 10, 2018

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) enforces statutes and regulations that pertain to employees and the workplace, including a requirement that labor law posters be posted in businesses that have any number of employees.

Ever private, federal, state and local government employer must have labor law posters posted in their workplace. Posters need to be accessible by all employees on a regular or daily basis.

How Many Posters Do I Need?

If your employees meet at a central location regularly (such as a break room or meeting room), one poster is sufficient. But if your employees do not meet in a central location on a daily basis, you are then required to post notices at each building or various areas of the building to meet your obligations.

Do I Need Posters in Spanish?

If over 5 percent of your employees use English as a second language, then you need to post Spanish versions of labor law posters if you live in Florida.
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