Hiring in the Age of COVID-19

In July 8, 2020
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Keeping new employees motivated while working from home.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that many businesses operate. Rather than face a shutdown due to being deemed “non-essential,” many companies gave their employees the option to work from home. Now that weeks have passed and an increase in positive cases exists, returning to the physical workforce isn’t a possibility for most Americans. You may even need additional staff members to complete the tasks that you are now doing virtually.

So, how do you hire in the age of COVID-19? How do you handle applications and interviews when you can’t see a person face-to-face? You conduct screenings through third parties and speak to candidates by phone or video conference.

What You Should Know About Hiring for Virtual Positions

Hiring for virtual positions within your company takes creativity. You may need to think outside the box as you prepare their job descriptions and scope of activities. Having a company that you can consult in your time of need is highly recommended.

Some of the areas of concern that you’ll face with new employees are background checks, employee handbooks and signed paperwork, and accurate timekeeping. Each requires full cooperation from the person you’re considering hiring because you won’t be meeting with them face-to-face for the foreseeable future. By establishing expectations from day one, you’re able to help the new employee adjust to your virtual work environment, become acquainted with best practices, and do the work that you hired them to do with ease.

Employee Background Checks are a Service Provided by Precise Payroll

Rather than add yet another to-do to your list of responsibilities, inquire about Precise Payroll’s many services. We offer employee background checks, HR services, and accurate timekeeping solutions while your team works from home. If you need to add another employee to the payroll, you might as well do it with a company that you’ve already established a relationship with in the past.

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