How a Payroll Provider can Help with Year End Books

In January 16, 2019

We all need to ask for help sometimes. When it comes to wrapping up your small business’s books, it can be a lot to handle on top of all of the other everyday business matters you must handle. The good news is, finding help with your end of year payroll is easy and can lift the burden of payroll and taxes. How exactly can a payroll provider help you with your year-end bookwork? Read on.

W-2 Prep

With the end of the year here, it is time to start getting your finances and tax docs in order in preparation for tax day. Your employees will need W-2 forms for the current year – and you are required to get them to them by January 31st. We can help you to get them ready and post them well before the deadline, giving you ample amounts of time to hand out your workers’ W-2’s while keeping you ahead of schedule in terms of tax preparation.

Flexible Payroll Options

You have a payroll schedule and know how to handle it. But what happens when life gets in the way, like a major event that comes up and you forget to process payroll or your employee’s pay was entered incorrectly and you need to work it out? We offer flexible payroll options that allow you to put your payroll on auto pilot, making your payroll processing much more simplified.

Fast Service

Have you ever used a product or software and the customer service team seems to take eons to respond? What happens if you are in the middle of processing payroll that is due that day and your payroll provider is unreachable? At Precise Payroll, you can rest assured that we strive to offer excellent customer service and fast responses for your payroll related needs and questions.

You want a payroll service provider who has your back – and we at Precise Payroll have just that.

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