How the Accurate Collection of Employee Time Saves Your Business Money

In May 6, 2020
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Human error can cost you a significant sum of cash.

Time clock errors are detrimental to businesses small and large. They add up quickly, costing companies profits and causing some to take drastic measures such as slashing hours and even jobs to make up for the loss. If you want to avoid the stressors that come with human time punch errors, it’s time to explore new solutions that better meet your business needs.

What the Right Time Clock Can Do for You

There are many different time clocks for you to choose from today. Each has its list of advantages that it brings to your business. All can save you money and the frustration of inaccurate labor records.

Some of the benefits of investing in a new time clock include:

  • Greater accuracy. New time clock solutions are more accurate and accessible.
  • Fewer chances of time theft. Some time clocks use biometrics or fingerprints as a form of identification which deters dishonesty.
  • Employee access to clocked hours. Workers can see how many hours they’ve put in each week without requesting the information from you.
  • Fewer instances of loss due to illegible handwritten timecards. The time and date are visible for all clock-ins and clock-outs.

We offer PIN, key fob, proximity card, badge swipe, fingerprint, and hand geometry biometrics as options.  You can also have employees clock in and out over the phone, through a web browser or mobile app. We’ll be happy to discuss each in detail when you contact us with your request for service.

Protect Your Business from Unnecessary Losses

Save your business money by keeping better track of employee time worked. With Precise Payroll, you have solutions that meet your needs and only take minutes to set up. The right time collection technologies make human error a thing of the past and prevent your business from being in the red due to excess spending on labor.

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