How to Keep Better Employee Timekeeping Records While Working from Home

In July 15, 2020
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Save yourself the hassle of making an error that you have difficulty recovering from easily.

A good majority of the workforce in the United States is continuing to work from home. The businesses that they work for are not essential according to state guidelines, making it impossible for them to reconvene in a shared workplace. If your company is one that continues to practice social distancing by having your employees work from home, there are better ways to keep track of the time that they spend on the job and bill you for weekly or bi-weekly.

What You Need to Do to Keep Track of Your Employees’ Working Hours

How your employees work and track their billable hours makes a world of difference. One option for timekeeping that works well is an app-based solution or one where your workers call in their start, break, and end times to a third-party service. To get paid, they must be responsible for supplying the information during their various shifts.

Here are some ways to keep better employee timekeeping records while working from home:

  • Require that employees check in daily or weekly with a sum of their hours. Give them a phone number or app to use to account for all time worked.
  • If you do not authorize overtime, ask why someone is charging outside their average number of weekly hours. Question the extra hours worked by requesting a list of work done during the time.
  • Make sure all unpaid breaks are accounted for by the timekeeping service. You don’t want your employees billing you for their lunch breaks.

Keeping closer watch over payroll and timekeeping with Precise Payroll. Stop wasting money on billable hours that aren’t accurate. Hold your employees accountable for the work they do at home by routinely checking in and asking for updates regarding their workload and projects.

Manage Your Payroll Expenses More Carefully

Pay your employees for the time that they spent working for you. Keep payroll costs low while maintaining a high level of productivity while your team works virtually. With Precise Payroll, you have customizable options for timekeeping that meet your needs adequately. Contact us to discuss your needs in length today.

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