Pennsylvania Labor Law Posters

In September 5, 2018

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry requires nearly all businesses in the state of Pennsylvania to post labor law posters. But how do you know if your business should display labor law posters or not?

It is simple to determine whether or not you need to hang a poster in your business.

It Depends on Whether Your Business Has Employees

Does your Pennsylvania business have any number of employees? If the answer is yes, then you are required by law to prominently post labor law posters. These posters cover important labor laws that apply to the workplace, including topics such as health and safety, minimum wage and more. The information on the posters is required to protect businesses from posting fines and disputes with employees.

Precise Payroll offers labor law posters to Pennsylvania business owners, free of charge. These posters meet all mandatory business requirements, including Workers’ Compensation, Minimum Wage, OSHA, and all other mandatory postings.

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