Should You Hire Temporary Help?

In October 31, 2018

You are working hard to keep your business propelling forward. Hiring, interviewing, and recruiting top talent sometimes gets put off, which is where hiring temporary talent may benefit you.
Perhaps an increased workload has come about and you want to test the waters to determine whether you can justify filling a permanent employee position. Or perhaps the job or new client you need additional hands to take on may not last so you do not want to bring on a long-term hire at the risk of not having enough long-term work to sustain such a position. Or maybe your staffing needs are seasonal – such as if you run a product company that requires extra help during the holidays. These are some examples of when a temporary employee is beneficial.
You can hire a temp by putting out ads on local job sites yourself such as monster.com, Craigslist, or Upwork or you can reach out to a local temporary agency.
If you want to look for specialized temporary employees, you may want to work with a temporary agency that can provide a qualified temp quickly. Working with a temp agency means you do not have to settle for low skill levels or less than stellar matches, because temporary agencies often pre-train and pre-screen workers.
Below are some other examples of when hiring a temp may be beneficial for your company:
If you anticipate having long-term absences related to medical or maternity leave, military duty, unexpected staff resignation, or a sabbatical.
If your production requirements are fluctuating.
When your business is expanding rapidly.
If you have no time to find new long-term staff.
If you need a specific and specialized skill set for a limited time.
If you want to temporarily gain access to certain talent profiles that are not currently available within your organization.
When you do not want to make layoffs in the event that the work you currently have vanishes.

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