Streamline HR Onboarding Processes with New Precise HR App

In September 12, 2018

Recruiting new employees is a vital yet long and administratively intense process. From posting job descriptions to multiple platforms, collecting and reviewing applications, conducting interviews and sifting through candidates, the new hire process often keeps you and your team busy for weeks.

Once you have nailed down the perfect candidate, enter the process of paperwork. Drafting, filling out and storing loads of paperwork every time you hire a new employee requires time, energy, and resources. Automating the process of collecting and managing new hire documentation is a great step for any business.

You can streamline your onboarding through automated software, like Precise HR. Precise HR makes it possible for you to generate paperwork for your employees and send it to them through the app. New hires can then fill out the paperwork from their smartphone, streamlining the new hire process while making it easier and faster – all while reducing those loads of paperwork HR has to keep track of.

With Precise HR, you can generate a number of forms for submission, including (but not limited to):

  • Form W-4
  • Form I-9
  • New Hire Reporting: Florida
  • New Hire Reporting: New Jersey
  • New Hire Reporting: Pennsylvania

Increase accuracy, compliance and efficiency by automating your onboarding and new hire documentation process with Precise HR, a division of Precise Payroll.

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