The Most Common Time Clock Errors and What You Can Do About Them

In June 24, 2020
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How you choose to keep time at your business can help or hurt you. If you have an antiquated method of timekeeping, it could be detrimental to your company by costing you money due to error. Learning what causes mistakes can help you avoid them entirely. Your business won’t be at a loss because you haven’t gotten to the bottom of the issue.

The Types of Time Clock Errors to Be on the Lookout for 

The most common time clock errors and what you can do about them are listed below. Each offers you a problem as well as a solution. Working with Precise Payroll for your timeclock and payroll processing needs makes the likelihood of human error less prevalent. Catching a problem before it has a chance to worsen saves your business money every single pay period.

Clocking in Ten Minutes or More Before the Start of a Shift

Employees are often required to clock in early to ensure that they’re ready to start their shift immediately. Most employers offer a three to five-minute window. Others may offer seven to ten minutes as long as the employee is at their workstation. Clocking in and standing around or talking to other employees is a waste of time that accumulates quickly when done often enough.

Failure to Clock Back in From Lunch Break

Doing so causes many time clock errors. It looks as though the employee never came back from lunch. Someone has to manually adjust it to prevent the worker from going into overtime, too, due to the error. It creates more work than necessary for your payroll processor.

Failure to Clock Out at the End of a Shift

An error that makes it look like the employee worked overnight. This error can be ongoing if an employee is off for a few days and then tries to clock in. Holding your workers accountable for clocking in and out is easy with good training. It saves your business time because you don’t need to spend time searching for time clock errors.

Make Time Clock Errors a Thing of the Past with Precise Payroll

Prevent time clock errors by being aware of why they exist. There are many things you can do to remedy the situation. Among the most effortless is investing in new methods of keeping time. Precise Payroll offers many solutions to meet your needs so that you’re not losing money every time a time clock error occurs.

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