The Most Popular Employee Benefit Trends

In September 25, 2019
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Are you offering the best benefits to your employees? Smart companies continually look at fresh new ways to bring the best benefits to their employees. Below you will find the most popular employee benefits options. If your perk package is missing any of these, you may want to consider adding them on to your current offerings.

Student Loan Assistance

Americans owe nearly $1.5 trillion in student loans, according to the Federal Reserve. But only 4 percent of employers offer some form of student loan assistance presently. Employers that offer such a package contribute a monthly or yearly dollar amount, up to a set maximum – or until the debt is paid in full. 

It is becoming an expectation for more employers to help employees pay off student loan debt. Keep in mind that nearly 65 percent of current national student loan debt belongs to those under 40. If you have employees under 40, you may want to consider offering this option as an employee benefit.

Paid Sick Leave

Did you know that workers who don’t have paid sick leave are actually three times more likely to skip or delay medical care or to not obtain treatment at all? This can adversely impact your company’s health and productivity overall. Many employers offer paid sick leave as they recognize these consequences.

Flexible Benefits

Flexible benefit plans are also growing in popularity, offering employees the option to choose whichever benefits are best for their personal situation. Many employers offer benefits to choose from such as retirement options, health insurance plans, and flexible spending accounts. 

If employee satisfaction and retention are at the top of your goals, consider offering any of these top employee benefits trends within your company. 

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