What Kind of Time Clock is Right for Your Business?

In December 30, 2019
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With Precise Payroll, you have options.

There are many types of time clocks that you can choose for your business. Knowing which options exists helps you determine which makes the most sense for your company. You’ll want to factor in the type of work environment you have, cost, and the different features offered by each selection.

Here are some of the choices Precise Payroll makes available to you:

  • Pin. Each employee has a pin number which they must keep private. To clock in and out, they use the code.
  • Badge Swipe. One of the more traditional methods for keeping time is by swiping an employee badge. It must be used to clock in and clock out as well as account for unpaid lunch breaks.
  • Proximity Card. Similar to a badge swipe, it alerts the machine to the person being within proximity of the time clock. It’s one way to prevent time fraud.
  • Key Fob. Another option that requires that a person be present at the time of clocking in and out, the key fob replaces the employee badge by containing information about the employee so they can get paid for their time worked.
  • Fingerprint. Self-explanatory, the fingerprint option involves an employee taking their finger and placing it on the sensor. The time clock is programmed to read their print and identify that it comes from a paid employee.
  • Hand Geometry Biometrics. More advanced than a fingerprint, this option uses the hand to account for time on and off the clock. It’s harder to manipulate, which is why many employers prefer it to other types of time clocks.
  • Over the Telephone, Web Browser, or Mobile App. It’s the best option for employees who don’t work onsite. If you use independent contractors or remote workers, they can still keep track of their time through one of these methods.

Choose the time clock that best meets your needs. Now that you know what makes each option something worth considering, you’ll be able to narrow your options and choose the one that you think will work best with your employees. You’ll be able to get it set up in minutes and receive support when you need help accessing it by contacting us.

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