When your Best Employee Quits

In January 31, 2019

Regardless of the size of your company, it can be trying if your best employee hands in his resignation. You may feel stressed, betrayed and even alone when he or she quits, potentially leaving you feeling unsure about how you will move forward after they leave. When your best worker quits, keep the following in mind.

Keep your Emotions in Check

Many employers take it personally when their best employee leaves. However, this reaction will only make the transition more difficult and any future encounters with the employee more uncomfortable. Set aside your emotions and strive to maintain a good relationship with the employee no matter how you feel inside.

Do Not Make a Counter Offer

If your employee is leaving, he has probably made his decision over time. It is usually considered unwise to make a counter offer. If they make a decision to stay based on this, they may look at you as being weak and unprepared, which is not a good persona for a manager or boss to put out for employees to see.

Find out why He is Leaving

The motive for your best employee leaving may not always be obvious. People who are hardworking and ambitious often work to improve themselves continually, which can cause them to grow out of your business. By finding out why he is leaving, if done tactfully, you may find out how you can act in the future to hang on to your next great employee longer. Sometimes finding this information is difficult face-to-face. Consider doing a digital exit interview to obtain this information.

Cover Your Bases

Be certain to disperse benefits, cut a final paycheck, determine bonuses and execute any other legal operations you are bound to. It can be difficult to remember everything when being tried so try to create a checklist to ensure you cover all of your bases.


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