Why You Should Have an Employee Handbook

In December 5, 2018

Although employee handbooks are often overlooked by employers and employees alike, these useful little books are important when it comes to making sure everyone is on the same page. If you have not yet created one, below are some tips on why you should have one and what you should include.

What Your Handbook Should Cover

You need to cover two primary areas in your employee handbook: policies that are specific to your business and those dictated by law. These may include rules for how much notice is required for employees to request time off or a company dress code. If you are drawing a complete blank on policies you should implement, there are many resources online available to help you along the way. At Precise Payroll, we can help point you in the right direction as well.

You are required by law to notify employees of certain workplace rights as a small business owner. By putting together an employee handbook, this simplifies the process so you can have all of this information in one place and can easily share it with your employees.

Your Handbook Does Not Have to be Formal

Your handbook does not have to be super formal unless you prefer to have everything polished and concise. It is fine to have a casual handbook. You do not have to be extra lengthy or descriptive. You can choose to add images and quotes but it is not necessary.

Protecting Yourself

If you ever need to let an employee go for failing to adhere to policies you have set for your business but do not have an employee handbook, it makes it more likely for an employee to pursue legal action against their termination. An employee handbook is a good idea to have to cover yourself in the event that you need to terminate an employee for such reasons. It is also good practice to have your employees sign an acknowledgment stating they have received and reviewed your handbook.

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